Roanne Adams

No matter how busy creative director and supermom Roanne Adams may be, she always makes time to hit the beach. Or at least a pool. Or a lake. She was raised along the picturesque Long Island Sound and never lost her lust for being close to the water. The New York City-based design maven now runs her own studio, aptly named RoAndCo, which has earned heaps of awards and recognition from the likes of the Art Directors Club and the New York Times. But where are you most likely to find Roanne when she’s not at work? In a swimsuit, of course.

Did you have a favorite swimming spot growing up?
I grew up in Greenwich CT, right on the Long Island Sound. When I was young, my parents would take me to Todd’s Point or Great Captains Island, both of which have great New England beaches. Taking the ferry out to the Island and spending the day surrounded by water was a real adventure for me as a kid. My husband, who I met in high school, grew up on the water and is a passionate fisherman. He’s had a boat since he was a little kid, so ever since we started dating back in the mid-90s, I’ve enjoyed many days cruising around the Sound and hanging out on the surrounding islands. We loved this one island so much we decided to throw an annual party on it called "Island Party." We invite 60 people to eat, camp, sun bathe, dance and basically have the best day of the year!


What do you typically pack for a day at the beach?
I fill my Baggu backpack with the latest stack of New Yorker magazines, my Céline sunglasses, a beach cover-up, a straw Panama hat and La Roche-Posay sun block. I also have these huge colorful Mexican blankets I like to bring to the beach to spread out on the sand for picnics.
Describe your perfect beach day.
Bike to the beach with a bunch of friends, bring a delicious picnic lunch, and catch up on some reading. When the sun gets too hot, jump in the water to cool off. Take a long walk along the beach with my husband, talking about our dreams of someday having our own beach house. As the day winds down, watch the sunset with a cerveza in hand, and then pack it all up and bike home.
What’s your favorite hotel pool and why?
At the moment my favorite hotel pool is at The Standard Hotel Miami and ironically I'm answering these questions sitting right next to it. It’s nice and wide, overlooks the ocean, and degrades ever so slightly, so you can literally lie down in the shallow end. 
Dive or cannonball?
Dive…or back flip off the side of a boat if I’m feeling revved up! 
What’s your secret to the perfect tan?
I’m not sure I have a secret. I always wear sunblock! Even coverage is absolutely key—there’s nothing worse than random burn marks all over your body. 
Which Seilenna swimsuit or two-piece combination do you most covet, and why?
I’m in LOVE with the Rosella one-piece suit from the Laila collection. 

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Be honest: do you go to the beach to swim or to tan?
I go for it all—the whole experience; I need the beach like the desert needs the rain! I can’t survive New York City without a beach getaway every few months. I feel my very best in the sun. I’m not sure whether it’s the vitamin D3 or the total relaxation of lying in the sand and swimming in the ocean, but it’s very therapeutic for me.
Next time you put on swimsuit, where would you most like to be?
Sayulita Mexico. Hoping for an end of February, post-fashion week decompression session. Sea, Sun and Mexican food. It doesn’t get any better!

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