Abigail Lorick

Originally from the sleepy resort town of Amelia Island, off the Atlantic coast of Florida, designer Abigail Lorick brings her signature southern charm and sunny disposition to everything she does. In 2004, she launched her highly successful clothing line LORICK, which rose to prominence, in part, by being featured on the hit show Gossip Girl. Her inimitable knack for making the refined look fresh then caught the eye of Cynthia Rowley, who designated her Creative Director for the brand. After LORICK, Abigail created a co-lab with her namesake at & Other Stories Abigail is now consulting for various fashion brands and surfing as much as she can.  While life these days is anything but sleepy for Abigail, she maintains poise and grace at all times. And makes the whole thing look effortless. 

Describe your perfect beach day.
Sunny skies, great waves and soft sand. Surfing in the morning, then laying on the beach reading a good book or catching up on relevant news. Eating a light lunch and then back in the ocean for a second surf session late afternoon. I love ending the day feeling a salty exhaustion.
What’s your favorite swimming technique?
Freestyle baby.

What’s the best hot springs experience you’ve ever had?
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
What’s your secret to the perfect tan?
Lots of sunscreen.
Where did you last wear a Seilenna swimsuit? And what did you like about it?
Miami. The quality fabrication of the suit felt amazing to put on my body and the bright colors of the print made me so happy. I have never received so many compliments on a swimsuit in my life.

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What do you like to wear over a swimsuit?
A short,  A-Line Tunic with wide sleeves to the elbow in crispy cotton poplin.
What’s a warm weather destination you’ve never been to, but are dying to visit?
Dive or cannonball?

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