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Benjamin Puckey is no stranger to exotic beaches or glamorous poolside settings. His work as a makeup artist takes him all over the world—including recent trips to Miami and St. Barths. Soaking up sun is just one of the perks of his job. With a client list including Vogue, Numéro and V Magazine, one can only imagine where this London-born and Amsterdam-raised talent will find inspiration next. We asked Benjamin for some sunny weather makeup and skincare tips, as few understand the delicate balance between beauty and SPF quite like he does.

Every woman wants to look as glamorous as possible at the beach or pool, but makeup can get messy. What would you recommend putting on one’s face? And what should be avoided?
Definitely avoid wearing foundation, but use a little bit of concealer over your first application of facial sunblock. Also, don't bother with blush or bronzer as this will only get messy when you reapply your facial sunblock. You can accentuate your brows by filling in sparse areas with a brow powder or brow pencil. Wear a waterproof mascara and a lip balm or lipstick with SPF. Glossy lips on the beach are a no-no, because they look too shiny in the sun and get too much sand in them.
Is there really any such thing as waterproof mascara? Which would you recommend?
Yes there is! My favorite is Chanel Inimitable Waterproof, which I have been using on my models for years and really stays put!
The face and body can tolerate different amounts of sun. What are your skincare tips for tanning—both for face and body?
I think that you need to take it slow when it comes to tanning. Wear a higher SPF, build it up and don't go lying in the sun between 11am and 3pm. The sun is too damaging between these hours. Remember: sun damage is cumulative. After three the sun still gives you that glow, without the burn.  
I recommend getting a light fake tan before leaving on vacation (this doesn't form any kind of protection) to take the edge of the paleness. I really like the Clarins self-tanning creams or have a self tan applied professionally. I like Gotham Glow in NYC where they do beautiful, professional fake tans.
What’s the best way to reapply sunscreen without interfering with makeup?
Massage the cream in your hands and pat and press it on to your face. As long as you don't rub your skin, the makeup underneath will stay put. There are also great mineral powder sunblocks available now that you can easily apply on the beach and won't block pores.
People often forget about their lips. How do you suggest protecting them?
I like to use specially formulated lip sunblocks with high spf's. Another great way to protect the lips is by simply wearing an opaque color like red! Glamorous and effective!
Lipstick by the pool. Terrific or tacky?
Terrific, so long as it's not too glossy. Matte to satin is great! And unlike glossy lips, a shiny bright manicure does looks great in the sun.
What should every woman pack for a day at the beach or pool?
Spray on sunblock for the body (so much easier), high SPF facial sunblock, a non irritating sunblock for around the delicate eye area and a lip sunblock. Bring a large floppy hat, sunglasses and something beautiful to throw over your bathing suit. Also bring facial cleansing wipes if you're going straight to dinner after the beach: it always feels so good to take off the layers of sunblock at the end of the day!
What are your post-sun tips for the skin?
Wash everything off and choose the right moisturizer for your skin type to calm it down after sun exposure. There are plenty of great after sun body creams available. I really like the ones by Clinique. Try not to scrub your skin after lying in the sun as it will already be irritated from the sun exposure. It needs to be soothed!

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