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A few things to note

All of the metal accessories on Seilenna swimsuits can be worn in salt or chlorinated water and do not get hot in the sun. We use the best dyes available, but some colors are not completely colorfast by nature, so avoid wearing light-colored clothing over wet swimwear. To prevent staining we suggest applying sunscreen or tanning oil a few minutes before putting on your suit — and be careful when touching up. Lastly, spa baths and jacuzzis are often heavily chlorinated and may damage the fabric, so be mindful before dipping in.

Caring for your swimsuit

Your swimsuit’s beauty and shape can easily be preserved if you follow these few simple tips. After a day spent basking in the sun, your suit is bound to have accumulated some sunscreen, chlorine or salt water, so we recommend rinsing immediately after use. To protect the fabric we advise not to wring, rub or roll up wet. Wash your suit by hand or, if you must, on the delicate cycle of your washing machine in lukewarm water. Soak for no more than 10 minutes and be sure to use a mild detergent. Both parts of a two-piece swimsuit should be washed together, ensuring they remain the same color. Dry flat, out of direct sunlight or any other source of heat. And please do not bleach, dry clean, iron or tumble dry — all of these processes will disintegrate the elastic fibers. With good care, your swimsuit will last for years to come and keep you looking gorgeous in the sun.